Friday, May 27, 2011


So I just rediscovered this blog like, what, nearly four years later. Two seconds of reading and I am already crying out of my every orifice.
I am actually in fucking awe here. How did I not fucking realise what a little piece of shitting fuck I was. I was such a fucking ignoramous I could vomit up an ocean of hate and set it on fire, burning fucking everything ever along with it.

I pretty much instantly deleted fucking everything.

I didn't do it out of fear or shame, nobody even knows about this fucking blog. This is like the closest I can get to viciously murdering my past self in a spray of blood and violence without, you know, suicide.

Seriously, sometimes I just start choking myself out of pure spite for past me.

This is probably the only post I am ever going to make on this thing again before promptly forgetting about it.